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Okay, here is my dilemma. I need to be full-time in the FALL. But there is only 3 nursing courses we will be taking which is 9 hours. Any suggestions on what I can take to fill that extra 3 credit... Read More

  1. by   nursemarion
    Will they share tuition with another school? Some schools will, some won't. You could take a transfer course from an online school. Unfortunately I would have to say to take something that is not too difficult. Something for a BSN or MSN program would be great, but that is already a a heavy courseload so maybe something as an elective that is not too hard. No papers involved. Could you CLEP something for 3 credits? Or would that not count? How about something related to education, special education, or management? Are you going to get a school nurse certificate? Education courses are useful. Do you want to move up the ladder in nursing? Management courses are useful.
  2. by   macspuds
    How about a beginners course in Spanish if available. You will need it later in practice I bet. Can youo do it on line and will you get credid for it if you do? These are questions you will probably need answers to.
    All the best. All your hard work will be well worth it in the long run.
  3. by   dede1956
    if you need an elective that you can take that won't interfer with your other courses, do that. what you don't want to do with the work load that you do have is taken another course that will overwhelm you and have so much work that you fall behind in your nursing courses. good luck
  4. by   merrywhiterose
    I don't know how your program works, but 9 credit hours is enough, when it comes to nursing classes! They take all of our time, as it is, with homework, clinicals, classes, & studying.
  5. by   californiasky
    I second the tai chi/meditation/holistic health option, if that's available at your school. It's basically a great way to relax and in turn help you stay motivated throughout the stress of nursing school.

    You said you've taken two years of Spanish. Assuming you're not a native speaker nor yet fluent in the language, maybe consider another Spanish course? It's a really good feeling when it starts to click and you don't have to think so much about the translation when speaking or writing.......

    I'd say just do something that you like. something fun. I don't know how your school works, but I'd probably choose a Credit/No Credit option if you can so that you don't have to worry about your grade and can focus primarily on the nursing classes.
    i am not sure how your program works, here in south florida is pretty much they tell you what to take. however, if you have an option and you want to take to a bs in nursing (which i definitely recomment and will do so myself, i am in the part time program for an aa in nursing), there are certain courses you will need to meet before getting there, such as nutrition, introduction to psychology, personal effectiveness, statistics, etc... you will need these and since i am not into wasting time, i would take one of these, then again, i am 45 no time to waste....lol out of all of these i think the personal effectiveness was the easiest, it really was a no brainer.
    good luck. this site is great.
  7. by   kilgorefashions
    What about taking a Speech class? Since you like reading and writing; you could implement them both in this class and give a presentation about what you've learned. Believe me, as a nurse, this should be a required coarse. I can guarantee you will be using Speech while in school, with your peers and with co-workers. It's a great confident booster and challenge to get up in front of people and present facts as well as your viewpoint on the subject. It will take you a long way in your career. If I'm not mistaken, a Speech class is 3 credit hours in most colleges.
  8. by   Dragonnurse1
    Hi Prettyladie,
    My son is in college and has gotten approval to take many courses from his Department Head and his instructor. Usually he sends a text message and then he meets with the instructor - done. Approval given.
  9. by   Dragonnurse1
    Ack I forgot this in last post - try American Sign Language. You will be supprised how many times you will use it. Spanish is good but fewer people know sign language. i learned the basics while I was nursing and used it many times. We always had people that spoke spanish but no one that could sign.
  10. by   Prettyladie
    thanks so many for all of the replies. i had the school orientation today and i originally decided to minor in spanish..but i got spooked because i dont want something that was too much of a distraction. so i signed up for human behavior, but as im here thinking, i want to sign up for spanish again.
  11. by   egomaniacal1
    Absolutely! I recommend Underwater basket weaving 101. But take the class all the idiots are in, LOL! Seriously, I was in the same boat as you a few semesters. That being said, please ignore what all the pre-professional students say when they speak about how easy your nursing classes must be. In case you do not already know this, NURSING SCHOOL IS TOUGH!!! It will be one of the toughest things you have ever done. Do not make the mistake of trivalizing it or over-estimating your own ability. It will be unlike anything you have ever done.

    The first time I took a 'financial aid' class, I selected one that would be a 'benefit to my nursing education.' The second time, I took a class that 'I had always wanted to learn more about.' The third time the class was 'just barely able to call itself a class.' Be kind to yourself, you'll thank me in the end.

    Finally, remember you do not have to prove yourself to anyone else but yourself and the passing guidelines of your particular program. As a double major in Nursing and Biology (with a pre-med conc), from a large, research-intensive public university...NURSING SCHOOL IS NO JOKE! If you removed nursing classes from my 3.82 GPA, it would be a 4.0. Physics, chemistry (including general, organic, bio-chem and analytical chemistry), and 11 different biology classes with published research in nutrition; are not preparation for the critical thinking skills that are required to excel in nursing school and as a nurse.

    Take it easy on yourself.

    [Please excuse type-o's, I was in a rush to take the kids to the pool]
  12. by   anon695
    Do they have Introductory French Language? If you've had 2 years of Spanish already, into French would be a cakewalk for you (assuming you liked and did well in Spanish). The two languages are very similar, especially in structure.
  13. by   Prettyladie
    They have French, Spanish, and German. And I don't think I would benefit much from French. I think I will stick with the Spanish.