I made it through my first semester!!!

  1. I have one semester behind me and I acually manage a A!!!
    I feel so great. This was a nightmare of a semester and many times didn't think i was going to make it and thought of quiting a few times. I can't believed I survived and managed an A with 3 kids. I'm a little less sane and probobly shaved a year off my life from the stress, but I made it. Only downfall is there are still 3 semesters to go.I have to go study for a
    A & P 2 final now. I'm so glad this board is here, I leaned on it alot and I'm sure i will continue to do so.

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  3. by   mauser
    Hey Michelle,

    :hatparty: You did it! I knew you could.

    Good luck on your A&P 2 final.
  4. by   Havin' A Party!
    Michelle -- You finished Nursing I? Cool!

    Congrats! Celebrate that "A"!
  5. by   maire
    Congo rats!
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
  7. by   Carolanne
    Terrific, terrific job! An "A" with three kids? Change your screen name to Wonder Woman! Keep up the great work!