I graduated!! Now what??

  1. I just took my last final. I started in spring of 1993 and friday I will walk across the stage with my RN finally!! So now what do I do?? I've applied at four different hospitals and I should have results this week. I do have my LVN and could work untill I take my boards in July. So the dilemna is which job should I take? A RN non-benifited new grad position a a non-union hospital in a ICU or a LVN benifited position at a awesome union hospital in the ER (with the intent to move up to RN when an opening comes)? I can't do both, I already tried to figure that out. So what do you all think?
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  3. by   CEN35
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    Don't look at the situation as a crummy pay vs experience thing. You need to go after what you really want to do. Pay means nothing, if you don't like what you are doing.
    No matter where you work, you will get experience and see how things work, and what things are done in certain situations.

    When I finished school in 1996, I did my internship time in an ED. I then became volunteer in the same ED for the summer.

    I wrote repeated letters to the dept manager, about how much I liked it there, and how well the staff worked together. I started working there 2 months after graduation.

    One thing I did learn, is no matter how much you learn in school, and how much you read, you are only touching on many of the things you will learn yet. IMO, your better off with the ED job. You don't have the legeal reponsibilities right off the bat, and you will learn a lot, if the staff is decent.