I got a C in my peds course..

  1. This semester is split into two 8-week sections, peds and OB. I'm also taking a microbiology class, which I'm doing rather well in right now with a B, but still plan on getting an A because my average is pretty close to it. Anyway, I got a C in peds and I feel stupid because I know I could have got an A but I slacked off. A bunch of people in my class got C's. Anyway, I think I'm just a little stressed out about it because I hadn't planned on ever making anything less than a B from here on out, and I made a C.. In peds.. Anyway, just thought I'd vent and share my story.
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  3. by   Medwynn
    There's always next semester to get the A's. At least you passed right ... all that counts.

    Oh yeah don't be so stressed. at least you didn't lose your RN License.. that'd be more devastating.
  4. by   caliotter3
    You indicate that you are aware of what brought you down. So you know what to work on or what type of behavior or attitude to avoid in the future. That is good. Many students who have trouble, also have trouble figuring out what they're doing wrong. As far as the C is concerned, I see more than one way to look at it. A student could conceivably pass every class once they get into the nrsg part of their program with the lowest C average. At the end, they graduate and get to take the NCLEX. They have accomplished their goal and it does not necessarily indicate that they will be a poor nurse. The C should concern you for three reasons: 1) If it shows you have a serious deficiency in learning what you need to know. 2) You are playing too close to the borderline of NOT making the cut. It is stressful to always be thinking about that next mark or test grade. 3) You have any idea that you might want to go further along the educational path. Most programs require higher GPAs for serious (or any) consideration as you go up the ladder. Five yrs after you graduate, you don't want to be kept out of a program b/c your grades now are not quite up to par. Otherwise, that C will get you to the graduation line just like an A would. Good luck on improving your efforts next term.
  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    "C = RN"

    Now, while I hope to NEVER see a "C" on my transcript, it happens...it's happening around me....you get in to nursing school, and if you've got a life outside of school and aren't interested in killing yourself, sometimes the studying/prep goes out the window from time to time....or you study/prep and it goes in one side of my head, and out the other...

    I did not pass the last test of last semester, but it didn't kill me as I had a pretty strong "B" at that point and knew that I'd have to just not show up for the final to do less than a "C", but it felt kind of weird....you do get to a point however, that you're grateful just to PASS a test or class just to move along....

    Don't beat yourself up...there's time for you to redeem yourself as you go along...this certainly ain't no picnic, lol.....
  6. by   november17
    I got a C+ in peds. It was a hard class, and then to add insult to injury I got really sick during the last exam and final (they were both the same week). I limped into school both days and did terribly. It doesn't matter, I still passed. It didn't even hurt my GPA that much because it was just a 3 credit class.