I failed A&P I - Need Some Advice

  1. I was planning on taking all my prereqs before I applied for a nursing school; however, things are not going as planned. I am not going to get into excuses, but I failed Anatomy & Physiology 1. I got a low D because of my study habits and decided to stop attending class. Yes, I do believe I can easily pass this class once I get on top of my mental health, but the problem is: my counselor didn't have me take this class until now, and I am due to get my associates degree in science next May (so at the end of next semester). However, my college only offers A&P I in the Fall and A&P 2 in the Spring. So, this is going to set me back A WHOLE YEAR. My question is: is it possible to get accepted into a university that has a RN nursing program that will just let me take A&P there? I am a male student and was planning on obtaining a bachelors in nursing, become an RN, work a couple years, then get a masters in nursing to become a nurse anesthetist.

    No I have not taken micro yet, but I am taking it next semester. I am going to be seeing a mental health professional this December, so I will hopefully be in a decent mental state.
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  3. by   203bravo
    When I was researching BSN programs most if not all required that all pre-reqs be completed prior to either being accepted or if completed the semester prior to enrolling actual nursing courses.. A few even required all courses completed prior to even applying to the program.

    Best answer you are going to receive is to call the nursing programs in which you are planning on applying and asking what their specific policies are regarding completion of pre-reqs.
  4. by   rob95
    Unfortunately, most BSN Programs require those pre-reqs (A&PI and II, Chemistry and Microbiology) to be done before applying. Yes, it will delay your plans but thats okay, your mental health is first priority. You can still apply to get into a University but if I were you, I'd just focus on retaking that class and finishing the rest of the sciences at the community college.
  5. by   PudgeMC
    In my program, you can take them concurrently with NUR courses. This is only an option if you have a prior degree. If this is your first degree (in my program), then you have to finish all prereqs before beginning NUR courses. Since you are due to finish your first degree, you would be able to get into the program that I am in provided you had all other requirements (GPA for instance.) I would like to mention that you would be at a great disadvantage not having A&P under your belt. The systems and how they interact will be important right from the very beginning.
  6. by   seaofclouds21
    Another option is to look to see if there is another school in your area (community college maybe) that offers A&P I in the spring and then A&P II in the fall and see if you can take the classes there and have them transfer the credit to your current school.
  7. by   hurricanekat
    My school required a pre-req to A&P I and they only offered it in the fall - and A&P in the fall also. So it would have set me back an entire year also. I'm now taking A&P at another school as a transient student and if it wasn't saving me an entire year - I would not do it. I'm worried about continuity between the courses in addition to I'm totally getting the run around from the "other" school. I can't get direct financial aid, so I'm paying out of pocket - but the bottom line is - where there is a will there is a way. I was almost prepared to drive 2 hours 1 way twice a week in order to take it until I found out I missed the deadline by 2 days. I have visited this new school no lie - 7 times - and I'm finally registered (and I didn't get to pick the class or time or day or anything). I have a student id, but I still have to get a blackboard login, email, parking pass and try to get in state tuition. I work in the state but don't live in it so they won't let me have in state tuition. Its costing me in so many ways - but it is saving a precious year.
  8. by   OveRNineThousand
    Junior college... if you're truly ready. It's no walk on the park
  9. by   KrCmommy522
    Couldn't you take the A&P courses you need at a local community college where the credits could then be transferred to your nursing school? Or is there not time to do that? It seems easier than having to wait a year or to switchin nursing schools entirely.
  10. by   helloego
    I failed AP my first semester and got an A with a different teacher the next semester. Research teachers and just take it again no big deal. At my school there isn't even a penalty for failing once.
  11. by   nursenougat
    Can you do some kind of other course like EMT for awhile before trying for your RN degree? Get your life in order, find stability, i.e. relationship, living situation first to get into a place in your life where you feel okay to sacrifice your time to sit down and stare at books.
  12. by   KatieTheUnsure
    You could try to take an online course.
    Mclennan Community college offers online A&P 1. It's fairly cheap too (as classes go), around $400.
  13. by   OveRNineThousand
    Careful with the online lab classes. Most nursing schools will not accept an online lab class that has no lab. Read the fine print of the prereqs carefully