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I didn't pass my final... therefore I didn't score a high enough average to pass the class... therefore as of today i have been officially removed from the nursing program. I THINK I AM GOING TO DIE... Read More

  1. by   Brownms46
    "Now this opportunity is over."
    ??? I think NOT ! The opportunity is not over until you stop trying! YOU can do this! I agree wholeheartedly with those who have posted...you can do this! This is always more than one way to skin a cat..(.ummm no harm meant to cats here). Get up...dust yourself off...and get back in there. The fight isn't over...until you don't get up anymore!
  2. by   Rena RN 2003
    "Now this opportunity is over."

    ??? I think NOT ! The opportunity is not over until you stop trying! YOU can do this! I agree wholeheartedly with those who have posted...you can do this!

    i totally agree! i can only imagine how you are feeling but please don't give up. we lost 2 very good students to our first quarter intro to nursing. guess what? they are coming back this fall!

    2nd level students have offered tons of support to these 2. i don't know what kind of support you have there but you know encouragement abounds here!

    please give it another go. you can do it!
  3. by   researchrabbit

    Some things to consider:

    If it doesn't work out one way, try another (this is good nursing philosophy). If a BSN isn't in the cards right now, why not consider an LPN or an ADN? You are still a nurse -- and you can ALWAYS go back for a BSN.

    Everyone fails sometime. The best way to deal with it is to learn from it and continue.
  4. by   GPatty
    I'm sorry. But like it has been said here...you can do this! And since it was 1st year...looks to me as if you've only been postponed a year!

    Picture this...I just graduated the 25th of July. We had (as we all do) Dosage Calc test throughout, mandated by the State.
    2 weeks-----2 weeks until graduation, mind you, a good friend of mine failed by 1 point! He's out of the whole program until next year...

    You can do this....just pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get going....take some other classes you may need and re-apply next year!

    Best of all to you! And have faith....you can do this!

  5. by   kimtab
    I agree- don't give up! I'm so sorry you have to wait another year, that can be so discouraging. But now you will be sure to ace that assessment class at any rate.

    I'm so sorry about your disappointment. Maybe some good will come of it, who is to know.

  6. by   Fgr8Out

    Your disappointment is understandable... but I recall a gal who started in my class... was asked to drop after the first QUARTER... and, in fact, had to restart at various levels a total of 3 times. She's doing quite well now... as an RN. It took her awhile... and it certainly took some gumption to continue on... but this is the Profession she wanted... and she pressed on until she achieved her goal. YOU CAN TOO

  7. by   amblessing
    I met a girl this summer who had failed Nursing I in the Spring, and she was jumping right back in for the fall. Take your year to "regroup" and take the rest of your non-nursing courses. You'll be one up on all the other students next time around because you've already been there and done that

    Chin up - sometimes these things make us stronger and more determined in the long run :kiss
  8. by   Debbie5
    Fighters sometimes make the best nurses!! Keep fighting for your dreams.

    Don't let the "oh, too bad's" of others pull you down. Keep that inner drive going!!

    We all love you!
  9. by   peaceful2100
    Unequaled beauty I do realize that it is your ultimate decision but IT is NOT OVER. Everyone here truly gave you some good advice. IF this is truly your dream don't give up. SEVERAL, SEVERAL of today's successful people did not become famous the first go around. For example, Oprah Winfery did not become successful her first go around neither did Bill Gates. On a different level (our level) a classmate of mine was to graduate with me but she failed a couple a semesters ago. She will be back in a couple of weeks and she said she is ready to come back at full force again and give it her all again. I could provide you with a whole list of people who were not successful the first go around. Keep your head up and in the meantime take other classes or find a job in a hospital or something.

    Hugs to you.
    For that year you are waiting , cram in the extra BS classes you can, somewhat putting yourself still ahead or atleast with the class you are with. Also dont take this failure as your destiny, this my dear is a glitch Nothing more nothing less. You also may want to re evaluate your time that you spend on your studies.... The first few classes are the easiest, it only gets more intense, so see if you can shuffle some things around to make things a tad easier for yourself.
  11. by   RNConnieF
    Don't waste your year. Take all the pre-reqs and co-reqs you can. It is NOT a waste of time to do the "non nursing" classes first. I did this and for my last semester I only had nursing and clinical, no other distractions. Take the gift of time and use it to your benifit.
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    unequaledbeauty, how are you doing today?
  13. by   Hidi74
    There is no such thing as failure, you're always allowed to try again, as long as your alive, You've won-
    - Gene Simmons-

    Hidi74 Future RNangel