I am just out and out going to fail pharm

  1. I am so frustrated. We have five tests and a final worth 100 pts each. I got a 74 on the first test and a 68 on the second test, both grades are failing since u must have an 80 to pass tests and 80 average to pass the class.

    I feel like I still have a chance, but we have our 3rd test tomorrow and I am still struggling with remembering the information. I made up med cards for each med, it just seems like too much info to remember. I am getting A's in all of my other classes. If I get less then an 80 tomorrow it will be impossible to pass the class.

    Any tips? Tomorrow's test is on cardiovascular and GI drugs.
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  3. by   GingerSue
    remind yourself of all the effort that you have already invested in the material,

    relax, get a good night's sleep, eat well

    and all the best with your exams
  4. by   onyx77
    Instead of learning individual medications, learn the classifications. It makes it a lot easier. Most meds in a classification will have the same side effects and such. This is how our pharm instructor had us learn our meds.
    Good Luck to you!