how was your day in ER?

  1. hi,
    i had an incredible time at my clinical today! it was a long day- i was at school or in the hospital from 9am-11pm, but it was worth it. i loved almost everything about it. my preceptor lisa (the nurse i work with) is amazing- she is patient, knows her stuff, and is a wonderful teacher. the chemistry among the staff, including the er doctors, is fun to be around, and for the first time at any clinical i felt like one of the nurses instead of some idiot hanging around waiting to ask a stupid question. my feet hurt and my back aches, but i am still smiling!
    any body want to share how was your clincal rotation at er? and what kind of patients did you see and what do you think what are your strenghts and weaknesses because i know i have a lot of weaknesses and may be i will learn something from your weaknesses?

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