How to Stand Out in the Crowd

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  2. As a student, you want to be remembered.....for your skills and not your scrubs. Have you ever gotten scrubs that looked fine on the sales rack in the store? Sure they were marked down, but they fit your budget. They were fine.......until you got to the hospital and they really made you stand out......for all the wrong reasons.
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  4. by   Julie Reyes
    the WORST scrubs are the ones that you cannot untie when you have to use the THAT is an emergency situation!
  5. by   SoaringOwl
    My nursing school scrubs were so big and baggy that my arm sleeves always caught on the doorknobs when I walked too close. I once tried to carry a tray full of food when the doorknob caught my sleeve and swung me around into the wall, and instead I wore it. Of course, they were also white, because it's still 1950 and we enjoy being as impractical as possible...

    I am so grateful that I can choose my own style of scrubs now I'm a real nurse! Now my sleeves are much shorter and don't reach the doorknob.

    Edit: PS: I'd rather wear those psychedelic scrubs in the cartoon than white. I have many stories about the many stains I ended up with on my 1950's style scrubs. I will be bitter about having to wear white until the day I die. Grrr!