how to get more bursary!

  1. do you want more bursary? of course you do, don't we all. who is responsible for getting us more bursary? we are of course, no one else is going to do it for us. so what are we doing about it? not alot by the looks of it. i commend those who are fighting with the powers that be to try to get us more money. the problem is that our union reps etc can't do it all on their own. so why don't we get off our backsides instead of just sitting there complaining how hard up we are and doing nothing about it. perhaps we don't want more money, but i'm sure that is not the case we just don't know how to go about it. if we were all to contact our reps and get together on this surely more notice will be taken. we shouldn't underestimate the power we could have if we were all to stand up for ourselves. stage a march, boycot lectures and placements or just sit on your backside and wallow in self pity. the choice is yours, hopefully you will make the right choice and contact your rep and then we can start making a difference. if anyone has any information about forthcoming events which will bring this to the attention of the powers that be then maybe we can all do our own demonstration, boycot etc, at our own colleges,universities etc.
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    Hi selina,

    I can see no one replied to your request for info of forthcoming events here...but did you get any response privately?


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