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Hi everyone, I'm considering nursing school, and I know that the schooling and the work itself is demanding. Before I make a final decision, I'd like to get some input to find out how I can look... Read More

  1. by   Toby's mum
    Dear Dave,

    I commend you for considering nursing and taking the time and effort to research whether this field might be for you. As many have already said, nursing opens so many doors depending on your likes, strengths, and interests. You say you were a webmaster--well, perhaps nursing informatics might be an area you would particularly enjoy--it combines computer/technology and nursing knowledge/info.

    I agree that it makes sense to volunteer some, continue asking those in the health care field questions, and perhaps shadow a nurse for a day or so. You might start taking a science class at your local community college and see how it goes--it's never too late to go back to school and us more 'adult' students tend to do pretty well You might want to do the CNA class, as others suggest--some hospitals offer it for free if you are willing to work as a nursing assistant for a while. Then if all seems to feel like it might be right for you--look into the local Associates RN program.

    It's always hard to know for sure if something is right for you. Sometimes you have to be willing to take a chance and go at least part of the way before you become more sure (or not). As for being laid-off, chances are if you go into nursing, you will always have a job--another nice practical plus especially the older you get.

    Good luck, and keep asking questions, we are all here to help each other and as you can tell by now--this group rocks!!!! Kind regards, Stephanie
  2. by   klone
    Quote from Quickbeam
    Please know that having kids is absolutely no indicator of success in nursing. Some of the worst nurses I ever knew were the ones who assumed being a Mommy meant they knew everything. Please.

    Golly, I guess I need to be more blatant when I use irony.

    Will this work?

    ***IRONY ON*** Being a parent is the best test of whether you can make it as a nurse. ***IRONY OFF***

    Better? :chuckle

    My point was only that being a parent gives you lots of experience with having a caring bedside manner and wiping up bodily fluids, and if you can do that without batting an eye, you'll be fine.
  3. by   davebarak
    Thanks Stephanie! Good points to consider, and some good advice about getting some preliminary exposure to the field. The little bit of volunteer work I did at the hospital I worked at didn't really give me much of a glimpse of what nursing is like, but it did get me thinking about the field.

  4. by   lab2004
    I heard that the RNs have to do less bathing and stuff like that because LVNs do more of that. Is that true?
  5. by   klone
    Quote from lab2004
    I heard that the RNs have to do less bathing and stuff like that because LVNs do more of that. Is that true?
    Some places don't have LPNs. That's technically under the job description of the CNA, but a lot of times RNs still have to do stuff like that. Patient care and comfort is the top priority, and if there's no CNA available, you do what you gotta do...