How can I find school's NCLEX passing rates?

  1. Does anyone knows if there is a website to find out the Universities NCLEX passing rates???
    PLease, please if anyone has any idea do not hesitate to write me back. I would appreciate any help
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  3. by   kponderRN
    you can always go to your states Board of Nursing website and they should have a link where you can see the pass rates for all the Universities in your state. Hope this helps!! :]
  4. by   %63theend
    I can't find them for private schools. Any ideas?
  5. by   kponderRN
    hmm i'm not too sure for private schools. maybe just type "NCLEX pass rates for [the school's name]" in the Google search engine and see what comes up.
  6. by   jpeters84
    It's different in every state and with private schools. In California every school is required to report their NCLEX pass rates. In Hawaii no school is required to report pass rates. If you live in a state where private schools don't have to make public their pass rates then you can call the school and ask and see if they're willing to divuldge the information. To me, if they're not that's a red flag. There should be no reason a school should not be willing to make public thir pass rates unless they're embaressed. I go to a school that keeps their pass rates purposely hidden from the students and prospective students and for good reason. I finally got a professor to tell me that they are in the 50s and 60s! So I think NCLEX pass rates are a good indication of wha kind of nusing school you're looking at and not just because of the pass rates themselves but if a school is hiding these numbers from their students do they have the students best interest at heart? My experience has been no. Good luck to you...
  7. by   Meriwhen
    Go to your state's BON website--many states have them, or at least have a link to them. Otherwise, try the suggestions above: see if you find it in Google and/or call the school in question.
  8. by   D1914
    NCLEX rates are fine, but if you really want to know whether a program is good or lousy I recommend that you talk to current students and find out what the attrition rate is. In my opinion schools should be required to make their attrition rates public so that prospective students can factor that into their decision.