Hospital jobs for nursing students

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me some places to start looking for a summer job in a hospital. I will be starting my first year in an ASN program next year, so I don't have any clinical experience yet. I also do not have nurses aide training. I was wondering about other jobs that I could work in that would allow me to be in a hospital setting. A girl in my anatomy class works as an orderly and I was wondering what you have to do to get a job like that. If anyone has any information about hiring in such positions, please give me some info. Also, if anyone has any advice on how to get working in a hospital please feel free to respond. Thanks in advance!!!
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  3. by   wsiab
    I had a couple of friends that worked as ward clerks early on in the program. One of them did it before she had any clinical nursing courses. Both of them were able to work on units they thought they might be interested in after graduation. The hiring process involved application and a medical terminology test, the friend that took the class before patho and clinicals, used a short medical terminology book to study and said the test was still pretty simple. Good Luck! Go to hospitals you are interested and see what jobs they have posted.
  4. by   Born 2 B In OB
    Congrats on deciding to go to nursing school AND getting a little experience beforehand!

    I start nursing school in the fall and am currently working in a tech role in the endoscopy suite. I'm getting hands on experience with the patients, nurses, physicians, etc. It's definitely been an eye opener for me! I "broke in" by calling the human resources department at the local hospital and asking if there were nursing assistant training programs or other non-degree clinical position openings. They were very helpful in putting me in touch with the appropriate managers. I was offered TWO positions! (One nursing assistant and the tech position.)

    Good luck to you!