Hope to students from a new grad

  1. I graduated from a BSN program last may. I did several extra work and was able to get hired as an ICU nurse. I just want to tell you all to study hard, learn everything you can, be a sponge at your clinicals. You are going to love being a nurse. Nothing is more exciting than seeing someone come in critical and nurse them to improvement. Nothing is more gratifying than being able to keep someone comfortable and guide them as they leave this world. Nothing sounds better than "I am a Nurse!!" I remember the first time I signed my name with RN after it, I just stared at my name and beamed!
    Many of you just finished a difficult semester and may wonder how can you go back and do the next? Well, stay stong! You can all do it! We need nurses, good nurses. Never forget what it is like to be a student. Always remember the person you are caring for could be one of your family! Before you know it, you will be writing RN after your name too!
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  3. by   Hooligan
    Thanks for the encouragement!!! And Congrats on your RN!!!!