HESI testing -who takes during semesters?

  1. Seeking the names of nursing schools which administer the HESI (partial test) at the end of semesters, along with the final test at the end of the program.

    Would appreciate the inputs, especially if you're in Florida.

    Thanks so much,

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  3. by   twarlik
    I'm at Florida State and we are required to take several of the subject tests and the final test at the end of the program. Did you need more info?
  4. by   belladelicious
    We have to take it at the end of each semester. But, the final hesi, we have to pass in order to graduate...is this the norm? Scary.
  5. by   patti101
    We are going HESI case studies , 2 each week, for the last 6 weeks of fourth semester. We are told they will help us with NCLEX...so...Missouri is where I'm at.
  6. by   PHM
    Appreciate the responses. Could I get the names or websites of your nursing schools.

    Thanks twarlik. Got the FSU website.