Helpful links for all of us struggling students

  1. Hi everyone. I haven't posted in awhile. I was just looking through all of my nursing files trying to get ready for the Fall semester. Does anyone have any helpful links that they think would be helpful to others. I am listing some, but please be mindfull that I can't remember where I got some of these.

    Thanks, Lisa


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  3. by   LauraF, RN
    I have two website for nursing classes and related topics. They are: and :
    Hope these are helpful.
  4. by   Lisa1970
    Great sites! I have over a hundred filed away I will list them as I get some free time.
  5. by   Fox
    Thanks guys for the websites.
  6. by   Lisa1970
  7. by   Lisa1970
    I got this from ones website, I am afraid that I can't remember who's. I printed this and put it on the front few pages of my notebook.