Help with the NET Test. PLEASE!!!

  1. HELP ME PLEASE!!! I took the net test twice and failed it due to the reading part. I got a 97 on the math and 39 on the reading. What am I doing wrong? The time limit stresses me and since its on the computer I get nervous. Is there a way I can take the test on paper. How can I pass this reading part????
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  3. by   samanthadaisyRN
    Hi! I took the net test a couple of months ago and it was on paper. I went to a local junior college and had someone proctor my exam. To prepare for the test, I ordered the NET test study guide and it helped a lot. I thought the reading was tough as well, but I passed. Just keep trying, I know it is stressful but you will get it eventually. Try not to stress out because that can sometimes cause you to do poorly. Just go into the test next time knowing that you have prepared yourself well and all you can do is your best! Good luck
  4. by   TheSquire
    There's a stickied thread on the NET in the pre-nursing forum. Go check there...
  5. by   MrsFee
    Thanks guys!! Does anyone else have any suggestions?