HELP with psyc. HESI!!!!

  1. I have to take my psych. HESI for my 2nd and last time because I didnt score high enough . My question is does anybody know if the retake is the same exact test or a different one? I have the HESI NCLEX RN book that I studied with before and my Saunders book is there anything else thats good out there for psych hesi? I am soooo scared about this test! PLease help!! Thanks!
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  3. by   PeachyERNurse
    Sorry you're having to retake that AWFUL test. I HATE HESIs!!! I just took my psych HESI last Tuesday. I too used the HESI NCLEX and Saunders to study, and I did pretty well. However, I found that the questions on the actual HESI were completely different style questions than those in the HESI NCLEX and Saunders. I have no clue if the retake will be the same as the original. I doubt it though. Good luck!