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okay this may not be urgent to you guys but i am in dire need of some answers. please help. i need to know why you want to be nurses. whatwas your inspiration? this is for a paper that is due like... Read More

  1. by   tonicareer
    Well I am not a nurse yet but I know there are always ads in the paper for nurses and lets face it you have to support yourself. It is a portable degree, can slowly add to education, lots of different types of jobs. Money is good (at least where I live). I figure with the aging population there will be more jobs.
  2. by   nursbee04
    Long story short -
    I was in a car wreck when i was a toddler -- basically broke every bone in my face (in a car seat and ended up with my teeth embedded in the dashboard) Had to have my mouth wired shut, eat pureed food, the whole nine. My mom was there with 99% of the time, but if she wasn't then I got very upset, unless a nurse named Jay was with me. I will never forget her (i still have a picture she drew for me) and the memory of that experience is one of the major reasons why I am a nursing student today.
  3. by   researchrabbit
    I started out wanting to be a psychologist. Took a detour into horticulture. Wound up getting a degree to teach languages. After working for 20 years at different jobs, realized nursing was for me...I can teach, I can nurture, I can listen. I can use all my skills and be challenged every day with something new.
  4. by   canoehead
    I had surgery when I was nine and will never forget the nurse who explained the OR to me, or the one that spent a few hours at my bedside when I was crying from homesickness. If I knew who she was I would send her a card- let her know she was responsible for me picking this career.
    It looks like a butt to you? It looks like something completely different to me RNwannabeJEN!

    Oops! I'm kinda like Maire. Became fascinated with the entire process during my own pregnancy and childbirth. Then shortly after having my own son, I coached another during delivery. Totally awesome! Applied for nursing school the next day!

    Good luck, hope this isn't too late!

  7. by   maire
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    It looks like a butt to you? It looks like something completely different to me RNwannabeJEN!

    Well I didn't really look at it that way but after staring at it for a moment, it does look sorta phallic.
  8. by   MIKEY LIKES
    I've been in another field (exercise physiology) for a few years now and I find it to be totally unrewarding. I keep thinking back to the day I was in the hospital and the very attentive and helpful nursing staff I dealt with. The thoughts were a constant in my mind and I finally decided to apply to nursing school this year. I hope that your paper gets an A+++.
  9. by   sanakruz
    I wanted to be a lay midwife and woek at "The Farm" in Tenesee.
    I also really needed to get out of poverty ,quickly. I took a test at the local vocational school and got accepted into the LPN program. I ahd never been an aide or nada, really. I had no clue it was tough to get in or any thing. 60 out of 200 applicants were chosen. Had I a clue I would have opted for an RN program. 19 years later I'm still a voactional nurse. I'm happy where I am, but it aint THE FARM
  10. by   Jenn_RN
    OH MY GOSH! Color me blushing, I didn't even SEE that until you said something. Sheesh, now I have to change it, I can't have THAT as my avatar, lol!
  11. by   lunakat
    I want to be a nurse to gain financial independence, for a rewarding career and for some odd ball reason: If the world goes crazy, and the population suddenly dwindles and if I happen to be one of the survivors I at least know I will be a valuable commodity. (I should probably stop reading those end of the world books like The Stand and such, but they are soo good!)
  12. by   CJStudent
    I woke up from bed one day and applied to nursing school, for no apparent reason.
  13. by   Agnus
    I needed a challenge.