Help! transfer of credits!

  1. My situation: going to school now, moving next year to a university that has slightly different course names than the classes I am taking now. For example: Intro to Sociology and Principles of Sociology

    Are universities pretty good about excepting situations like mine. I am trying to take classes that I know are prerequisites for the nursing school I will be transferring to, but then I come across obstacles like this. Help!
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  3. by   wsiab
    my best advice would be to talk to a counselor at your current university, they usually have information about which of their courses are already approved for transfer to other universities and should be able to help you plan your courses effectively. If that does not work, contact the program you are planning to attend and ask them if the classes you are planning to take are transferrable for prerequisites (whether they want the sociology course to include specific things or whether they just want a basic sociology course). Also sometimes reps from other schools visit campuses to recruit, if you get an opportunity to see a recruiter for the nursing program take it.

    I know that a major issue for transferrable prerequisites in my program was human development versus child development. Many class mates took child development prior to transferring thinking that it would fill the prerequisite for the program, but the school was only accepting courses that included adult development and death and dying for the prerequisite....issues like this are things you need to know and should be able to be cleared up ahead of time just by asking.