HELP!!!!!! .....please?

  1. Hi everyone.

    I am new here and afer spending my whole day today reseaching nursing schools here in New York, I am about to pull my hair out!!
    I'm taking prerequisite courses at a community college right now and planning on trasfering to a private school for the clinical part. seems like every school has a different requirement. If I choose to follow one school's required prereqs and then I apply to another school, will they accept me? They'll tell me to go back and finish THEIR required prereqs.

    I feel like I will be spending 4 years just trying to get those prereqs under my belt and it's so frustrating!!


    How do/did you guys handle it?
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  3. by   SoulShine75
    Narrow your schools down to two and follow their pre-req requirements. Perhaps you can make appointments with those schools and get more information about the requirements and application process.
    Good luck to you. :spin: