1. I have a problem. I took prereqs last yr. as a freshman. I am now entering the nursing program. When I took the ACT in 99 I had a low score in math. This meant I had to take remedial algebra 1 and 2. I took algebra 1 last semester. Yesterday a nursing inst. called and told me I have to take part 2 in the fallor retake the ACT. I was going to be at school and clinicals on Tue, thur, & fri. Now the math class I need is on mon,wed. My daughter is in a day care so these 2 extra days will break me and I will have to pay for at least a half day of care for only an hour of class. Since i will be at school anyway on those 2 days should I had another class, like psychology? Or will this load be too much? I don't know what I should do but I am assuming that the 1st sem. of nur. is probably the easiest so I'm thinking maybe I should take more classes this fall. If I did this it would leave me with only 1 extra class a semester to take along with my nursing courses. Help!!any comments would be appreciated. I am really kind of upset that no one told me this when I was in advising in April, but I can only hope that I can get an 18 on the math part of the ACT then I wouldnt even have to take the 2nd algebra.
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