1. hey rebecca, i finished the first semester and i'm looking forward to my second. my suggestion is that it all depends on the kind of student that you are, i personally felt that it was a lot of info all at once, other fellow students did not feel that way..........maybe take the class and see how you do, if not good then drop it while you can within the 100% refund time frame which usually is 3 weeks. i do not mean to sound vague but studing is such an individual thing, we all have different strenghs, good luck and keep in touch love lids

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  3. by   ltm
    hey rebecca,

    its a pretty tough call. i am a new rn that just graduated in may and i have a 5 year old daughter (she was 3 when i started the program). first semester is usually the hardest semester in nursing school. it takes a lot of organization and getting used to the nursing classes and clinicals. i'd say try to take the additional class, but once you know what is going to be required of you for your class load then you can decide to keep or drop the extra class. best of luck with your ACT and nursing classes.

  4. by   Rebecca Fleissner
    I have a problem. I took prereqs last yr. as a freshman. I am now entering the nursing program. When I took the ACT in 99 I had a low score in math. This meant I had to take remedial algebra 1 and 2. I took algebra 1 last semester. Yesterday a nursing inst. called and told me I have to take part 2 in the fallor retake the ACT. I was going to be at school and clinicals on Tue, thur, & fri. Now the math class I need is on mon,wed. My daughter is in a day care so these 2 extra days will break me and I will have to pay for at least a half day of care for only an hour of class. Since i will be at school anyway on those 2 days should I had another class, like psychology? Or will this load be too much? I don't know what I should do but I am assuming that the 1st sem. of nur. is probably the easiest so I'm thinking maybe I should take more classes this fall. If I did this it would leave me with only 1 extra class a semester to take along with my nursing courses. Help!!any comments would be appreciated. I am really kind of upset that no one told me this when I was in advising in April, but I can only hope that I can get an 18 on the math part of the ACT then I wouldnt even have to take the 2nd algebra.