1. hello. i am a 19 year old student in a BSN program. however, i am having financial difficulty. i am barely getting by. i am planning to transfer to an ADN program at a community college, since i have almost all the nursing corequisites i need. i also have a high gpa. is this the right thing to do or should i hang in there? is there really a difference between an ADN and a BSN?
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  3. by   NurseBruce
    Dear BSN Student,
    Your current situation is very familiar to me. I was in the same situation years ago. There are two words of advice that I can offer:
    1)You can get your ADN, but keep your goal as far as getting your BSN. You can always go back to school but it is more difficult with time concerns when you do that.

    2) Go to your Dean of nursing at your school, tell of your plight and see what resources are available. I know that they will help. I personally think we need more BSN prepared nurses to make nursing a truly recognized profession.


    Bruce Evan Mullenix, RN BSN MS candidate
    Brigham Young University
  4. by   hollykate
    I like Bruce's idea. Initially there is not a difference between the ADN and BSN (I've got the BSN, but you know, I think the debate of the topic is really over rated)
    I did the BSN because I could do it in two years (had all the prereq's from a former degree) but If I were just starting, I would get the Associates and work some and have the hospital reimbuse through tuition programs me to get my BSN. Either way is a good option. If you are really happy with your program, talk with the Dean, you can't go wrong with a good supportive program! Good Luck