HELP!! :-)

  1. hi! let me start of by saying...yeah!I got through my first semester!!
    onto the next one though...( our professors handed out an assignment to do over the break for the first day of classese next semester already)
    my clinical is going to be at Childrens' hospital. i have to pick between three areas: OR, ICU, and neo-natal. idk what to do! if anyone has any insight or experiance would you share w/ me and helpme decide! thank you!!!! have a great holiday!
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  3. by   fergus51
    Wow, I never got to go to these areas after one semestre! You are a lucky girl! Personally if I was doing things over again I would have rather spent less time in the OR as a student. The place is very regimented, for good reason, and the staff tended to be well...cranky with students. No offence to the OR nurses out there, I just don't think they have the time to coddle students.
    I really enjoyed my time in the ICU because the patient ratio is so small and you learn so much there in such a short time. But you might not like how technical it is if you're not comfortable with all the gadgets. I think every patient is attached to something that beeps every five seconds.
    I absolutely LOVED neonatal. You get to spend more time with the families than in any of the other areas. Depending on what babies your hospital's nursery looks after (in ours the infants range from healthy babes from C/S births to very ill premies) you can learn a lot and help familes who are dealing with a very positive or very difficult situation. I found it very rewarding.
    Your decision really depends on your personality. I have a friend who is driven by high stress adrenaline rush situations. She loved the ICU and hated neonatal. Another girl loved the precision and routine of the OR and joked about how she liked not having to deal with patients until they were unconscious. Not to mention the fact that you see results there very fast. I liked all the communication involved with treating a whole family so I found my niche with the babies. Whatever you chose make the most of it. You can learn even more on a clinical rotation you hated that one you loved.
  4. by   san43
    if I had the choice i'd opt for ICU. I don't know about you but all my clinical placements have been hectic and the qualified nurses haven't had a minute to help us students with anything, on ICU there would be more qualified staff for one thing and more opportunities for experience for another. I doubt very much that your nursing training is much like ours in England but i think student nurses experiences must be similar. I'm in my 3rd year now, not long to go, and how confident am I about being a qualified nurse? - not very!!