HELP 1st semester student needs help with math for meds

  1. I know this is a strange request, I need some help with division of fractions and division of decimals, my book doesnt go into much detail. Any help would be appreciated. Would love to communicate with any nursing students or nurses, I'm loving nursing school, but at times it's a little overwhelming.

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  3. by   hhmcbay
    Would be glad to help. I am freshman student in ADN program. E mail me if you need to. Feeling overwhelmed, also. Good luck!

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  4. by   redcat
    I know exactly how you feel about the math
    in nursing!! I was in the same boat in my LPN
    training. A classmate gave me a book she
    had gotten from an adult basic education
    program. You might check with your area high school guidance councelors, they may be able
    to direct you. Good luck! It does pay off!
    I have been an RN for many years so there
    is hope!!!!
  5. by   hhmcbay
    A great book is "Math for Meds: Dosages and Solutions" 7th ed. by Curren and Munday. Published by W.I. Publications. ISBN number
    0-918082-07-2. I am awful at math, and it is a great book, explaining every step. Good luck!