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  1. I have an option to take 19 credit hours (which includes chemistry and A&P 2) this coming spring. If I do then I can apply for the BSN nursing program in the fall of 2001. If I don't it will not be until fall 2002. Can some one let me know what it is like to have that many hours? Right now I have 14 c/h. I am also a mother of two and a wife but I do not work. Thanks for any input.
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  3. by   KR
    Hi there! In my Associate Degree nursing program I had to take 18 credits a lot. Including a 7 credit nursing class, 3 credit Pharmocology class, A and P, and some other one one semester. I worked as a RA and worked another job and I survived. I graduated in April of 2000. It can be done, time management, support, and drive are the keys. Best of luck! Kimberly Rush, RN