Hello everyone, Am I crazy!!!!!!!

  1. ok,here it is, I am 36, loving wife and mother of three rugrats, ages 12,10 and 8. I yes, I have decided to take the plunge and fullfil a dream that I have had for 17 years. I am going to attempt to be a nurse. I have registered at our local community college for all general ed ( re. I have been out of school for 17 years, and helping your children with there homework doesnt count), all prerequisits, and then I will transfer over to this great 2 year hospital school program we have here in western Pa. It only took my three monthes to figure which way to go. YOu know degree over diploma, thats a big issue here in Pa.
    We have so many great hospital based schools in the pittsburgh area, I'm not sure how that is in the rest of the country and Canada. But after much debate ,and calling up friends that are nurses and going on nursing community pages like this. This will be the best route for me and where I would eventually like to end up. I sure hope my family is ready for the ride. I know I am.
    I will start school in the fall with a basic math, pshcy class and human growth and development. Only taking two or three classes a semester. I may take me five years to complete everything, but I am ok with this. Of course my kiddles will be older by the time I start working in hospital(hopefully,if I make it)
    The problem is....I cant wait, all I think about is nursing nursing nursing, I go on my web pages and read bulletin boards everyday, look at my timeline of course for the next three years Ive plotted. What is wrong with me. I am not even in school yet. Boy am I just a little too excited or what. I am well experienced in life and know that it could be a long road , but I cant wait to start. Am i normal???lol, yes even after reading the horror stories, i cant wait to get started.
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  3. by   MandM
    dixiechick- I too was very excited when i first started-- I am going into my second year (hospital based ADN program) and guess what! I am still as excited as I was when I started. It is hard being on break because for the last 8 months I have been with my classmates almost everyday and now I dont see them at all. (does that sound sick or what!) And you go from being so busy to being bored really fast, of course thats after you get caught up on laundry and house cleaning! I hope your normal because if you are not then that means I too am not normal! I come to this board all the time, sometimes I just read other times I post, I could spend hours here.
    I am married (10 years May 24!) 2 kids, 9 and 5. I have waited 10 years to return to school, so we have a right to get all excited. Good luck!
  4. by   Lauryn
    Hi. Congratulations on your decision. Maybe I can offer you some encouragement with my story. I am 32 years old and just finished my second year. One more to go. I started nursing school with 2 small children, (2 and 4 yr old boys), and I just delivered my third child 6 weeks ago. I delivered on April 5th - a Thursday, and the following Tuesday, I was back in classes. I took her everyday because I was nursing her and because I couldn't imagine leaving a five day old with ANYBODY. I have a full course load - 24hrs of theory a week, with two full clinical days. I also travel one hour to and from school everyday. I finished school May 17th, with my new little daughter in tow. My teachers were extremely supportive throughout my pregnancy and after the delivery. They allowed me to shorten my clinical days and allowed for "breastfeeding" breaks thru out the shift. My husband would drive me and the baby to the hospital at 6:45 am, and then he would entertain her until 9 am until breastfeeding time. I would run downstairs and nurse her, and run back up to the floor. When I think back, I can't believe I actually did it. So as you can see, absolutely anything is possible. I, like you, have a passion for nursing, so therefore, nothing is going to stop me. LOL I hope you enjoy your endeavor, and if you ever need someone to chat with, find me.
  5. by   AppyHorseFan
    Hey Dixiechic,
    You are NOT crazy!! I will be 38 in just a few days. I am divorced and have two children, a son 10 and a daughter 5 (going on 15...LOL I have been taking pre-reqs for almost 3 years now and will begin the ADN program at a small community college in August. I took A&P I when my son was just a year and a half old. However, I had no support system from my (then current) husband. But because of my "calling" within 6 weeks of leaving him I was taking Med. Term. and on my way to answering my "calling"!!! And I had not been to school in 18 years when I started it all up again. I commend you for taking the initial steps and wish you the best of luck!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! By the way, my parents were and ARE my wonderful support system and now my children are a part of that system!!

  6. by   delirium
    Hey Dixie:
    You are NOT crazy! Or at least, not any crazier than the rest of us ! I think being excited is very natural when you finally discover your calling and get on your way to achieving your dream.
    I felt the calling to become a nurse when I was actually what I called a professional patient. I was diagnosed with cancer pretty young (22), and during all the surgeries and chemo and all of that, I was blessed to have many wonderful nurses. It is my dream to someday make a difference in a person's life the way they made a difference in mine. I went back to school after not being in for years, took most of my prereqs in about a year, and am starting the ADN program this fall. I am extremely excited.
    I can't wait for it to start!
    So you see we're all excited people around here... you came to the right place.
    Take care, and keep us posted on your progress.
    God bless,