Hellllppppp please Nursing school problems

  1. I need help guys. You know the struggle of instructors being so hard on you and it makes you fearful. One mistake and it's like your never gonna be a good nurse. I'm in my second year and there expectations is higher. Lately I've been having high acuity patients and its kinda hard dealing with patients and showing ur instructors you are good nurse when your being greatly challenged all the time. I focus so much on the big things sometimes I forget the little things , like bringing a cup of water for meds and forget to bring a saline flush,etc it's like because my instructors are so strict it make me so fearful and therefore I have no confidence within myself. I need more positive than negative vibes. I do well in class just Clinicals kinda gets under my skin cause my instructors don't provide the best environment of learning cause they make me so fearful of them. I need tips on how to overcome this.
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