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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a fellow nursing student in my second semester of an RN program. I was thinking about this the other day & was wondering about something:
    After all your exposure to the medical field, being on the floor for clinicals and taking care of patients, has anyone here ever considered being an MD or switching to pre-med to go on to medical school?

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  3. by   marieoct62
    Hi Christine,
    I too am in a BSN program (6th semester) although I think Iwould love to be a doctor I feel that I am too old! (40 this year).
    After 3 years of schooling and clinicals I realized that I like diagnosing patients and deciphering abnormal lab values than I do doing bedside care. I have decided that I graduate BSN in May next year, I will work as an RN for a few years then go back to school for my MSN and Family Nurse Practioner certificate. This should only take two more years full time. FNP's do have alot of autonomy while working under the supervision of a Physician.