Happy Nurse's Day and Happy Student Nurse day also:):)

  1. I would like to say Thank you to all our nurse's, today it is Nurse's Day and I would like to thank all my co-worker's for their wonderful help and allowing me to work with a great group of people and all the other great people who chose nursing and are trying to make a difference for all of us-THANK YOU I know somewhere this week is Student Nurse Day (I believe it's the 8th or 9th) I would like to thank all of the students in all programs for choosing our profession, for giving up their time, Personal lives, and families for nursing school. For all your endless hours of study and clinical time that you put in to pass your courses, For your hours of wondering if this is really worth it and picking back up and keep yourself focused on the end results-Your graduation and adventure into Nursing- Thank You
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