Graduate July 10th.

  1. Thanks for all of your encouragement. During my clinical rotations I enjoyed pediatrics the most, eventally I would like to specialize in peds. But for now, I probably need to get experience under my wings, so I was thinking of working on the floor of maybe medical or surgical for the experience for a while. My options are open for any and all suggestions.
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    GPN almost, will be working at one of the two hospitals in Tallahassee


  3. by   Brown Suga
    Congratulations!! I can't wait to be close to graduation like you are. Well I hope you are excited about started a new career in nursing. I would recommend going straight into peds if that is were your heart is at. Besides, with the nursing shortage across the country I think you could be able to enter as a new grad. Well keep up the great work and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions during your hospital orientation.

    Thank you,
    Brown Suga