Good Study Techniques for Pharmacology

  1. I am currently in Pharmacology and just finished my nursing informatics class today. I'm not sure if it is was because I was studying both classes or not but I seem to be having problems with Pharmacology. I read the chapters and skim over and over, read the lecture notes, practice questions, flashcards etc. But I seem to missing something. I only have 3 more exams and and a final to increase my grade. Can anyone give me any advice on additional things I can do to help me retain this information. I'm hoping now that I do not have the other class and back to back tests I will do better but still any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   lwhitten
    My instructors told me to classify everything in groups..laxatives and anti diahreals, anxietys, benzos, ect..and know all side effects