Good luck on finals to everyone:)

  1. Hiya
    It is the time of year where a lot of us will have finals exams coming up soon. I would just like to say good luck to everyone on finals
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  3. by   Dana Kearney
    Thanks for the support of wishing everyone luck on the finals. I've just completed mine. The stress I endured was unbelievable. But I got through it.
  4. by   KR
    Hi again,
    You are very welcome. And I know all about the stress I have completed year one of a two year nursing program. My class started with 25 ppl and are arleady down to 17. One more year to go. I have a feelign that it will be a long year. I hope everyone has a ncie and relaxin summer
  5. by   Aurelia Fox
    Hello, I completed my last final for my BSN degree on Monday. It feels good. Good luck to everyone. I am living proof that like bleeding, it does end eventually...thank God!! In a few more days I won't be a student nurse (Yes!!). I hope you all have successful finals and a nice summer.