1. Does anyone have advice for me about getting an externship? It's easy to find hospital externships where I live - they post them on the internet. But I am interested in looking for an externship somewhere besides a hospital. I know that when I get out of school I can go to work in a hospital, at this point I don't want to, so I want to use the next few semesters looking at other options in nursing. BUT I don't know how to go about securing an externship? Please help!

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  3. by   michellemybelle
    Networking with members in your community is the best option. Ask around the nursing faculty at your school--do they know of any interesting non-hospital settings for you to work in? Or, do you know a doctor's office or surgical center that would interest you? The best way is to ask around!

    Hope this helps!
  4. by   csuf_student_nurse
    Well, just by answering my post you have helped me to feel more confident about looking! But how would you suggest I approach an office. I'm very interested in dermatology, however those offices (like most) are extremely busy. How do I get my foot in the door? Maybe I am just asking for any similar experiences out there.