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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am thinking about applying to gpc's nursing program next fall. I am almost done with my prereqs!!! Does anyone know exactly how long the program takes to complete. I know it takes four semesters but does that include summer semester. I wanted to know because if the program is going to take me two years I might as well go for a BSN.

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  3. by   rogersim
    Haha! I was in the same boat as you! I decided to just go for my BSN. I'm completing prereqs now. The program does take two years. I honestly did not see a point in staying 3 and half years in GPC trying to do the nursing program when I could just go for my BSN. I had a remedial course and also I was an out of state student (which means taking so many classes cost me a whole lot more) and set me back like a semester, plus gpc program ONLY starts in the fall, I decided to just go for my BSN.

    How long have you been in GPC?