Georgia Perimeter College

  1. Anyone here attending the Ga. Perimeter College ADN program? I have applied to start taking my pre-req's in the fall and have sent all of my info, but they have not approved my online app. yet.

    Just wanted to here from someone who was attending there!

    Thank you!
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  3. by   nursebucky
    Hi there. I have been accepted for the program starting August.
    Don't give up if you haven't heard from them. They don't loose paperwork and seem to be pretty sharp.
    I declined my seat last year and received acceptance letters until I accepted.
    I'm here and would love to talk to you anytime.
  4. by   Kimistry
    I shot you an e-mail. I appreciate your time in answering my questions!
  5. by   nursebucky
    ok, I will look for it!
  6. by   kimtab
    I'm a GPC student. You can PM me if you want.