From "Nursing to Medicine" is it uncommon?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Please advise a curious beginner. I am a new BSc Nursing student. I happen to be one of the 3 males among a total class 97, but I am finding the programme interesting.

    My wonders are that I was thinking of what to do in future, I had initially though of becoming a medical doctor. I though that since it involved long years of training, that I would wanna go into nursing since it is still the same health care field and the goal is all about working with people and helping. So far, I am in my first semester and with the introductory nursing courses and all, I seem to be liking the profession.

    If in future, I decided to go into medicine, is it usually acceptable? Have there been ocassions where a Nurse changed Careers into Medicine and it was okay?

    I would really appreciate anyones advice or contribution that will help. I am still learning and wanna gather the much infortion and courage it needs to succeed. Thanks!!
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