First semester down!

  1. to all of you who shared your advice with me this semeseter..i thank you. i am just a baby sn and hopefully in dec. of next year i will be a full grown rn. passed this semester with an 86 (we needed an 80 to move forward). its been hard because i have watched people that i have gotten to know fail and that is tough for all of us i'm sure. anyhow, just wanted to share my good moment. now off to study med classifications to get a better handle on next semester. take care all!
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    Just taking care of my kiddos and school!


  3. by   Jenny67
  4. by   WDWpixieRN
    Congrats!! It's a nice feeling, huh? We just passed our second semester, and unfortunately lost at least 2 more. Not sure they're going to be repeating or what.

    Make sure to do some light studying/review over the summer. Winter break was killer enough; not sure how I'm going to stay smart over the summer!! LOL.....
  5. by   RNrural
    Congrats! I myself just had my LPN pinning on Friday night. We have to take an LPN leadership course in May and June along with 90 hours of clinicals before we can sit for the NCLEX. Colorado has been revamping the Nursing programs. In the last year they have added Microbiology,Pathiphisiology and the LPN Leadership course. We will be able to take our exam by August and I will start my RN program at the end of August. No rest for the wicked! Oh well, RN by this time next year....
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    I just finished my first semester also. Keeping my scholarship and we lost no students! 40 in all, Yeah:spin:
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    Congrats to us! I just finished 1st semester also!
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    Congrats, I am finishing up 1st semester this week. 2 finals down and 1 to go. I can't wait for Dec. 2008!!
  9. by   Novisnurse
    Congradulations, me to. I hopefully graduate in August of next year. Just started Med/Surg and am going crazy, Hope you are doing better. Good Luck, Novisnurse
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    Congrats any advice for those of us going in the program on how to deal with first semester?