Financial aid officer throwing up road blocks...

  1. I am sooooo upset right now that I am literally seeing red!!
    I went back to school in the spring for an RN program. This was after I got accepted to the school and spoke to financial aid, who told me that everything would be fine as soon as I consolidated my defaulted student loans. All of my loans were consolidated on May 1st and I thought that everything was ok.

    This "financial aid" officer that I have has made me jump through soooo many hoops that I'm beginning to feel like the poodle in Barnum and Bailey's circus. Not only did she require a letter from the Department of Education that I was out of default (she could have called, according to them, to verify this), but I had to get financial aid transcripts from a school that I had to attend 24 years ago. She didn't tell me this until about 3 weeks ago, after I had accumulated a bill of over $800.00. Ok...not a big deal, got all of that taken care of. NOW she's telling me that I am not going to get financial aid because I was accepted on "probation status" because of the credits I transferred in from the school I attended 24 years ago. She didn't bother looking at the fact that I attended LPN school 15 years ago and had a B+ average.

    I have jumped through sooo many hoops. I have called the Department of Education, who in turn called her and "rattled her cage". This still did no good. She is still doing everything that she can think of to keep me from going to school.

    I have talked to the admissions director, written a letter to the college president etc etc etc. The admissions director is looking into it but doesn't hold much hope.

    I am supposed to start summer classes on Tuesday, but as it stands now, I can't do that. I am so upset and I don't know what to do. Can someone please help and give me some ideas? I can't go without financial aid.
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  3. by   fiestynurse
    The roadblock in getting further financial aide is the fact that you have a history of defaulting on student loans. This is a roadblock that you put there yourself! Can't blame the financial aide officer for that. What reassurances do they have that you will not default on these student loans also? All this said, I would not give-up hope! Keep working with the financial officer and jump through what ever hoops he tells you to.
  4. by   essarge
    I bag to loans are out of default status, which is all they need to know. By federal regulation, I am eligible for financial aid now. This goes deeper than that...things that she is bringing up about what is needed were in my file 3 months ago.

    I have called the president of the university and am setting up an appointment with them. She has given other students the same problems...thus making them decide to go to another college (private) in our area that costs almost $15,000 more...time for them to look at this employee that is not representing the university very well at all!!!
  5. by   fiestynurse
    A meeting with the University President sounds like a great idea! The financial officer sounds incompetent! Still, the history of defaults send-up red flags. Have a well thought out answer just in case this comes up. All the best!
  6. by   delirium
    I agree with you. Red tape and university politics are horrible... and you're right about the student loans, if you're out of default status they can stop treating you like a criminal at any time.
    Good luck with your meeting.
    Have you thought about alternate ways to finance? I am going through school on a scholarship loan program paid by my employer (a hospital), who pays all of my costs upfront (including uniforms, steths, shoes, books, etc.) in return for a work agreement of 30 months. Lots of hospitals do this in this time of crisis.... you should maybe look into that? It may not be too late yet... I'm applying for another scholarship that accepts apps until the end of June.
    Is there any way you could pay for this semester while you're trying to get your financial aid package together? I know you would hate to miss a semester of school, I think we can all identify with that, but if that's necessary in order for you to get all this straight and get on with it... hopefully you won't have to do that.
    Good luck with the meeting. Think about other avenues so you don't have all your eggs in one basket.
    Let us know how it turns out.
    Take care,
  7. by   essarge
    Just got a call from the admissions director and he changed my admissions status. He also apologized profusely for the abuse that I had to put up with from a person that was supposed to be representing the university. He has been right in there batting for me from the beginning.

    I can't wait until tomorrow when this "advisor" and her boss have to eat their words, although I still want a written apology from her and I will get that after I meet with the president of the university.

    Thanks all...and I do get to start classes on Tuesday!!!
  8. by   RN2Bn2003
    I know what you are going through. I have been in my summer classes for 3 weeks now. I went in the financial aid to turn in my paperwork for the fall semester only to find out that the have dropped me from the summer classes for lack of payment. they dedided not to give out any student loans for the summer because the default rate was too high. I have been screaming at them for 2 days. Its funny that they can trust me in the fall and trust me in the spring but do not trust me in the summer. Needless to say they have fronted me the money for the summer and will take it out of my fall loan. They will also increase my fall loan to cover the summer. Now what is the point? Wny dont the idiots just give me my loan in the summer. Or why didnt they tell me that they could do this in the very beginning instead of making me call every tom, DICK, and harry. The nursing classes are not stressful, it is the damn administration that is killing me. I have had problems with them since I have started. They act like they are doing us a great favor in letting us come to their college. Well if it wasnt for us they wouldnt have a job. I talked to the Dean and he said he would research this matter further. I asked him if it was going to change the fact about my summer loan. I told him dont bother. He can research this matter until the cows come home but if it is not going to change the outcome then he would be better off doing something constructive since he is drawing an enormous salary that I the taxpayer am paying. I would imagine that I will encounter many other obstacles through out the remainder of the 2 years that I have left in this hell hole.
  9. by   essarge
    Wow!! Sounds like you are going to the same school I am!!! I finally ended up calling the regional office for the US Department of Education and they in turn called the college and shook them up a little!!! Now I not only have funding for the spring and summer, but all the rest of the way through the next three years.

    They tried to tell me that I could only get the cost of tuition and books since I was a comuter and that I had to be employed if I didn't like it. Well, that is not true! I was (and so is everyone else) eligible for transportation, room and board, personal expenses etc....keep plugging away and don't hesitate to document everything they say or do (I keep a small spiral of times, people and what they say), when all is said and done I will be sending copies of this to several people, starting with the department of education!!

    Good luck!!