Finals today...

  1. i going to start having a glass of wine or read over the next and final units??? we had our 6 week finals and clinical evaluations today ( we have finals twice in one semester---lucky me). they averaged the "NUR-a" part of the class from last semester, with the "NUR-b" Med-surg and averaged them out---I got a 92.6-- and there is no shame in my "fence riding" game! ( 7point scale here...)
    for all the type A personalities out there---it was the "there are no A's in nursing school" that pushed me over the edge
    10 more weeks to go and I'll be a !!!
    :angel2: Thanking GOD, my hubby, my teachers ...and my car for still driving to clinicals @ 234000 miles!
    good luck to you all! or books??? hmmmm....
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  3. by   z's playa
    One glass or one bottle?