Feeling Overwhelmed

  1. I am a freshman in an ADN program in Alabama. I work 32 hours/week and have three children. I can't reduce my work hours because we need the medical and dental insurance. My husband died last Dec. Does anyone have any time management/study/stress reduction tips? I am taking 16 semester hours (the max). Also looking for email pen pals. Good luck everyone!

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  3. by   decoratingplus
    Dear Overwhelmed Student,
    I remember my first year in my ADN program. After that first day at school, I proceeded to drive straight to the gas station and get a pack of cigarettes ( I had not smoked in almost 2 years)...that bad...Yeh, they really try to overwhelm you in that first year with assignments, scare tactics (ie."some of you will end in divorce;your family will have to take care of themselves for the next couple years..etc.)and intimidation (hands furiously shaking just to demostrate hand washing to your instruction-it is hard to believe).
    Anyway, hold tight this first semester.You are a single mom. The house might not look as good as it used to, the kids meals won't be four course( appreciate hamburger helper), and you might not be able to make those weekly phone calls that you used to.
    I found a time that I was best at studying, when I was most alert and able to soak in (in the very early am-too tired at night).
    But hang in there, it will be worth it. OH yeah, figure out what info you can get along without here after the first tests, like watching all those videos that demonstrate what you learn in clinic/lab.
    Thoughts are with you,
    Deb Brown RNC,BSN (Masters student-first year..eek-just as intimidating)

    Deb Brown
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  4. by   MollyJ
    Hi HH, Wow! Though I think the average student is pretty inundated, your combo of new bereavement (and newly bereaved kids) and full time work makes me a little concerned for you. Perhaps there is someone at school that can help you to make sure that you are tapping all of the grant dollars that are possible. If you could even reduce your work load to part-time in the school year, it would seem to be better for you and your kids. What about renting out a spare room in your home to a college student for spare income? (keeping in mind the safety concerns for your children...) Find an instructor that you trust a discuss your issues with them; maybe they will know some resources for you. Good luck. Our thoughts are with you.
  5. by   nurskat
    I'm also a first year student, with three kids. I have the luxury of not working, so it does make it easier. Most colleges have insurance available to students, not sure about kids though. Medi-cal could be another alternative, just until you get done with school so you could lighten your work load. When I get really stressed, I make the decision to stop and do something else, I like quilting, anything to just take a breather, then when I get back to studying, I'm more focused. Nursing is exciting and rewarding, and it sounds like it's really important to you. You can do it! We can all go through it together :.)

  6. by   KR
    Hi there Well I hope that the semester is going better for you and that you are done soon. I am a second year ADN student and I have one more semester to go before graduation Woo hoo. I remember feeling very overwhelmed last year. I still feel like that once in a while, but not nearly as much. What helps me is taking it one day at a time and maintaining a positive outlook. If you don't understand something ask the prof or even a sr student. Both of those are usually more then willing to help. Email me if you have any other questions or would just like to talk.
    Kim Rush