FCCJ Lottery: Any suggestions for choosing a "good" section?

  1. For those of us who may be lucky enough to draw a "good number" and are able to choose from any of the available sections/blocks, what would you suggest? I have no idea which teachers, which hospitals for clinicals, or what type of schedule would be better.... Can anyone provide any type of information that could possibly assist in that decision? (if it works out that way, of course!!)
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  3. by   elby812
    My first term I went with a schedule that had me testing mondays, class 9-12 & 1-4 tuesdays, 9-12 wednesday and techniques/clinicals 7-3 thursday. I really liked having Fridays off, seemed like an extra day to study. Also like having clinicals last because I was usually beat afterwards. I went to Memorial first term for clinicals. I suggest clinicals closest to your house. Gas is expensive.
    Good luck!