essay help:management of fluid balance and administration of IV fluids

  1. hi, i'm currently a second year nursing student and is recently studying the nurse's role in acute care settings. Our essay questions asks what the nurse's role in the management of fluid balance in a surgical patient and their role in the administration of intravenous fluids (including blood products) is? Can anyone give me some pointers and useful websites for this essay? Thank you
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  3. by   gwenith
    Managment of Fluid Balance = Up to date and accurate!!

    Administration of IV fluids = ditto well almost, Ensure that it is given in a timely manner that it follows the same "rights" as medication administration and observe for side effects i.e. fluid overload transfusion reactions and the new one Acute Lung Injury Sydrome (trot THAT one out and they will be impressed)

    For websites to help check the websites "sticky" thread in this forum