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  1. Hi ya'll!

    I am a currently a Senior in Nursing school in Texas. I am interested in corresponding with other individuals who can provide information regarding issues related to nursing and nursing care in their specific locations. The reason I am doing this is for a senior level class that I am enrolled in called "Nursing Issues". I know that most of you are busy, but I don't anticipate this "project" taking extremely long. Plus, it would be nice to meet other nurses from around the U.S. (and perhaps world) and furthermore should be interesting for both of us. I would appreciate an email back from anyone who would be interested in helping me with my task. Again, thanks to everyone who responds and I hope to hear from some of you out there very soon!

    Take care everyone.. Bye!
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  3. by   janine3&5
    Hi Claudia! I'm in my last semester of nursing school here in Florida and have worked as a nurse intern throughout school at an area hospital. If I can help at all, e-mail me. Good luck.