El Centro First Year Book Box - buy or not?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm starting at El Centro College in Dallas this fall and orientation is tomorrow. Do I want to buy the whole box of first year books or only Potter/Perry 7th ed. and Ignatavicius 5th ed. (assuming there is no new edition)? Some people have said that the online stuff was useful and convenient but $900 seems like a lot esp. if most of the stuff isn't used much. Do we use things from the book box in later semesters (mandatory or just good idea)?

    I'm really interested in your opinions, and looking forward to meeting all you new students at the orientation!

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  3. by   Yin Yang
    I bought the book box every semester, but I used the computerized books EXCLUSIVELY and sold the physical texts. You don't use the Fundamentals book after 1st semester, but Iggy is used all the way through... Good luck to you!