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  1. Need an e-mail buddy from another state to share nursing information with for one of my classes. I am a senior in nursing school in Texas. Anyone interested...let me know!

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  3. by   wsiab
    I am a new grad in CA. Glad to help out if I can...... laurar@wsiab.net
  4. by   cindyf
    Thank you for responding, Laura...appreciate it. Basically, as the course progresses we need to inquire about certain nursing issues in your area, so I will be asking you different questions as the semester goes by...hope that's okay. Still interested? If you are, I will definitely be in touch.
    Thanks again.

  5. by   deniseS
    Hi....I am a RN in the ER, and I live in New Jersey...(Jersey City) I am currently in my last semester of school for my BSN...feel free to e-mail me......Denise

  6. by   wsiab
    Sounds interesting, I would be glad to help out, feel free to email me at laurar@wsiab.net.