Doing Kardex & MAR for homework...question

  1. Hi everyone! I am new here! I am a Practical Nursing student with the dream of working in our Pediatric Burn Center. I am currently working on some homework doing a Kardex & MAR and some questions have arised.

    NCS Diet...what is NCS?

    Are there any good pharmacology websites out there?

    Thank you so much!
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  3. by   unknown99
    NCS is a No Concentrated Sweets diet
  4. by   BonnieSc
    (I hope I'm allowed to post this? I have no financial or otherwise interest in this website.)

    I use for a lot of my pharm stuff. The search function's a little confusing, but I've found it to be fairly complete info for my needs.
  5. by   BurnBaby06
    Thank you! I never realized how in depth and time consuming this stuff is and I am doing only one! I can't imagine how nurses can do all these and meds and care all in one shift! Wow!

  6. by   BurnBaby06
    When it says "The last dose of a medication will be the morning dose following the the day of automatic expiration" is it all medications or just the exceptions?