Does anyone go to Humber-UNB or Georgian-York for their BScN?

  1. i need to get some information from people who actually go to these schools so if you do i would love to talk to you! thanks
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  3. by   Utopia
    I'm interested in this too! I got an acceptance from Seneca/York and Humber as well, so I am trying to choose which one is best for me

    Apparently there are only 70 seats for the Georgian/York and Seneca/York program, which really surprises me because I thought that there would be a lot more available. Right now I am leaning towards Humber because I hear they have a good reputation and provide the most clinical hours than all other schools in Ontario. Plus at Seneca/York there are 9 different courses in the first semester (:uhoh21 and only 5 at Humber.

    Anyway, if anyone goes to any of these schools I'd like to hear about your experiences as well! Also, does anyone know what the passing grade for nursing courses at Humber is? I know it is 70% at York