Does Anyone Care????

  1. I just recently spent a ton of money in RN school and i completed 5yrs of school but my school has this policy that is saying if i make two c- then i will be kiked out of school well i must say i love nursing and all that it has to offer i just dont understand how they could kick me out after 5yrs and tellme to go t another school to get my degree for 4 credits i made a 73.7 which is a c- and i get kicked out of school i am very competent with my skills and theory i just have testing anxiety and oh well they say thanks for the 45,000 and get your degree else where even though i ddi not come to the school under that policy i am being punished because i am still at the school under the new policy how can u look at someone and with their life in your hands and not give them a chance to repeat the course and pass it mind u the instructor played favoriism and passed other students who brought their families to the school to argue about their grades but i have no one to argue for me oh well im am now searchin for a lawyer if anyone has any view points or help please send me some info even if its just words of wisdom because right now im needing it badly
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  3. by   koshic
    That is incredibly unfortunate. If you seriously do have testing anxiety then I would go talk to your ADA office on campus. Every campus should have one. My roomate had testign anxiety and he was able ot get help and take the tests under special conditions, and the school was not allowed to kick him out. Have you talked to the ADA office (Americans with Disabilities Act)? IF you register with them Im sure the college cant kick you out.
  4. by   Roach
    OH MY GOSH!!!! I would be so angry. I hope you can find a way to make them help you. If you started in the school under different policies then they should make an exception and let you retest!!! I hope that everything works out. Course if you have to transfer to another school and retake the courses then the time and money would be worth it to say you graduated from a different school and not the one that"did you wrong". Easier said then done. Hang in there. Keep us posted on what happens.

  5. by   Blue11RN
    I am very sorry to hear what has happen to you. If I were you, I would start from the teacher who gave me the grade, to the Head of the Nursing Dept, to the Dean of Students, the press, and a lawyer. Don't give up!! You have done so much to not fight really hard to stay in school. Good luck!!!!
  6. by   MollyJ
    A couple thoughts.
    Get some treatment for your test anxiety. Go see a psychologist/counselor that will assist you with this and then go back to school and see if you can re-negotiate a retake. You may have to work through legal channels, too.

    However, folks, now I will talk as a practicing nurse. Schools of nursing are charged with the OBLIGATION to admit people to the profession that can complete the program. They have to have some objective standards. This is what you want when your family is in the hospital. "Test anxiety" in the work place can be psychological paralysis in a crisis or becoming overwhelmed with info when you face new meds that you will be administering to real live helpless people. So learning to cope with this problem is going to be a real life component of this person's education and she will have to legitimately show some resolution.

    To only respond to this situation in the context of "That mean old school," is to miss an important point. Schools are gatekeepers to the profession. Now it sounds like she has had a lot of other success in school and there is room for negotiation. But my bottom line advice is that she get some coping skills for this test anxiety and then negotiate a second chance.

    Good luck to all...